Friends of the Castle of Freÿr / Meuse (Belgium)



The gardens by Francis Bonaert (pdf 128 K) in French

The gardens by Patrick Bowe (pdf 50 K) in English

The gardens by Auguste de Decker (pdf 50 K) in French

The gardens by Félicité Bonaert (pdf 50 K) in French


The Castle of Freÿr in the Bulletin of Oron le Châtel (pdf 90 K) in French

The Orange trees of Freÿr by A. Bonaert and L. Schockert,
Icomos Conference (pdf 90 K) in English


The Treaty signed between Spain and France in 1675 (pdf 750 K) in French

The coats of arms under the balcony of the Main Hall (pdf 650 K)

The coats of arms of M d'Osuna
on the fireback of the dining room (jpg 700 K)

The first-flyer in 1949 (ppt 2000 K)


La famille Beaufort-Spontin by Baudouin d'Ursel
Le Parchemin n° 373 (Jan 2008)

Les Jardins du Château de Freÿr/Meuse by Emmanuel d'Hennezel
DESS Ecole d'Architecture de Versailles (2004)